Monday, 2 November 2020

Types of Solid Wood Flooring

While determining what kind of hardwood is best for your residence or business, you're going to want to consider your personal situation in addition to other considerations. Among the things to weigh are if you've got a preference for your installation procedure required for your choice, what species and color of timber appeals to your tastes, and whether you want the wood to become unfinished hardwood flooring or not.

When thinking about the installation of your hardwood floors, you ought to take into consideration the location of this flooring. Solid hardwood floors has special considerations when being installed radiant heat, and it's best that the floors not be installed directly over concrete.

Floor Sanding Hertfordshire Has Many unfinished hardwood flooring options Which May suit your Requirements:

  • Classic Collection
  • Old World Collection
  • Traditional Series
  • Wilderness Series
  • Heirloom Series

Our reclaimed hardwood timber is high quality and chosen selectively from buildings and barns across the United Kingdom that were retired. Our reclaimed wood flooring was preserved and aged to give it a second life as a gorgeous addition to the modern homes and businesses. Since all of the wood has history and a story behind it, using reclaimed wood will surely bring a sense of uniqueness for your project.

Reclaiming and reusing timber is a sustainable practice that is environmentally friendly. Our staff will help you discover the right reclaimed hardwood floors choice, whether your style is traditional or contemporary. The boards in our assortment of reclaimed barn wood can be wider and longer than typical hardwood flooring planks.

When choosing hardwood flooring, you'll observe the numerous types of timber are categorized by grade. The characteristics of different types of wood vary greatly, which makes it hard for there to be a typical grading system throughout the business. The National Wood Flooring Association has a grading system which only applies to wood in the United Kingdom.

You'll see grades used to describe woods at Floor Sanding Hertfordshire, and it's crucial that you understand all the wood is of exceptional quality. The ranges apply to the visible appearance of the timber. Grades are also utilized to describe the length of the wood. A higher grade will have planks which are more than a lower grade.

Thursday, 27 August 2020



Oak flooring is one of the premier ways to improve the elegance of your home. Oak flooring, such as all hardwood flooring, comes in many grades and variants. No matter what sort of bamboo flooring you pick, they're all strong and durable and pleasing to the eye. Why oak flooring is really excellent?


Oak flooring may be installed in any sort of buildings. By way of instance, you may install it when it comes to a restoration project of a period home and use it to highlight the clean-cut finish of a new construct also.

Oak flooring is not just sold at a comparatively cheaper price but also includes a resale value. Oak flooring can enhance the appearance of any space, which can make your room stand out and if you need to sell your home in the future, it can put value on the house and then help to market it faster and sell it at a higher price.

Oak Flooring comes in many different colours, complete tones, styles and grains, which will guarantee you to get bamboo flooring that best fits your residence. But you should be aware that no matter what kind of grade or color you choose, the choice to add the warmth and depth of real oak flooring to your house is needed to be considered.

Oak trees grow from acorns and require up to fifteen years to reach maturity, making it strong enough to resist wear and tear and prevent being enlarging when climate changes often. In addition, it can be stained, which is relied upon the natural depth of its color, with nearly any product on the market.



Tuesday, 4 August 2020


Whether you are renovating your Hertfordshire Area condominium, updating your Hertfordshire luxury home, or just searching for a way to muffle the egregious noises of your teenage son's foolish music, it may be time to research hardwood flooring underlay solutions.

There are many products out there. Basic underlay is composed of polyethylene foam. This foam is not actually appropriate for hardwood flooring; it's better for concrete. It contains a side with moisture barrier and a side with foam cushioning.

Higher-tier underlay products are able to continue to keep your hardwood flooring looking more wood-like, absorb more noise, protect against moisture, and also insulate. Here are some good underlay products:

  • QuietWalk. This environmentally friendly cloth is made of recycled materials. It is ideal for absorbing moisture, fostering insulation, and protecting the flooring beneath.
  • Cork. Additionally ecofriendly , cork is great in muffling sound and in insulating. Cork can be found in any thickness -- it is easily customized to your requirements.
  • Other products, such as Proflex and Floor Muffler. These also muffle sound, protect against moisture, etc.. These products are not considered as"green" as silk and QuietWalk, but they can positively affect the feel of this floor.
Selecting the Ideal Underlay for the Job

Countless factors must be considered, for example:

  • Which kind of hardwood flooring have you got?
  • What is the condition of its own repair?
  • Just how much humidity/moisture does the flooring get vulnerable to?
  • Which are your aesthetic requirements?
  • What is your budget?
  • Just how much can you really care about if the products that you use are"green" or maybe not?
  • What is your time for setup?
For help locating your underlay options, join with the group at Floor Sanding Hertfordshire. Our experienced, knowledgeable professionals can walk you through best practices.

Tuesday, 14 July 2020


Here are the top signs you need to consider refinishing your hardwood floors.

Your hardwood floors can look good and function your Hertfordshire Area home for many years should you properly care for them. Refinishing is an excellent way to accomplish this. Hardwood floor restoration and repair can revive dull, tired floors. So how can you know when it is time to decorate your floors?

Children- or Pet-Damaged

Children and pets are great indications of whether you ought to refinish the floors in your home more frequently than generally recommended. Pets tend to scratch floors, damaging them prematurely. Children tend to scratch as well as spill liquids on them. Pay careful attention to the state of your floors in areas where your pets and kids regular. Look at getting the flooring refinished if you become aware of scratches and wear.

Acute Discoloration

If the floor's finish has a faded or substantially dull look and mild scratches or an irregular surface, then you can get with refinishing instead of replacing the damaged flooring. The flooring could be screened (a way of roughing up the present conclusion ) then a fresh finish is applied. The tiny scratches could be washed and filled in using goods to reestablish the floor's lovely sheen.

Gaps, Bowing or Cupping

After setup, hardwood flooring usually fit together effortlessly. But after repeated exposure to cold, heat, and moisture, the floorboards can contract and expand to result in openings and cupping. Cupping happens when moisture leaves the wood grow, resulting in the borders of the planks being greater than their centre. Should you see any openings or cupping, then you need to have your floors refinished to tighten the openings or replace the couple ruined planks.

Deep Scratches or Gouges

Minor surface damages which have only affected the end can be adjusted with the application of a maintenance coating without needing to sand down to the wood. Deeper scratches or gouges may need more serious function. If your hardwood floor has deep gouges or several visible scratches, then you ought to go for full refinishing to prevent additional deterioration.


There is a protective sealant on hardwood flooring that protects them from fluids which fall onto their surface. If the coat wears away, your floors can undergo water damage that leads to warping, cracking, and the necessity to substitute full sections of your flooring. You are able to test part of your flooring by pouring some water onto it. In the event the water forms beads, your floor is in good condition. If it slowly soaks into the ground, the end has started wearing off. If it soaks quickly leaving behind a dark splotch, then you'll need to refinish the ground when possible.

If you require more information about refinishing and taking good care of your hardwood flooring, contact Floor Sanding Hertfordshire .

We have proudly served Hertfordshire For more than 20 years. Our experienced refinishers use the powerful Dust Containment System to provide hardwood floor refinishing that's cleaner and quicker than traditional refinishing. In addition, we offer you high-quality hardwood floor installation, repair, and earnings. If you'd like to get a hardwood refinishing estimate or more expert advice, just Click Here or call us 01442 620 197 .

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Trendy Hardwood Flooring Options

Whether you need help with prefinished hardwood floor installation for your condominium, or only wish to survey"cutting edge" hardwood floors, here's an executive overview on a few of the very promising, popular types of wood flooring in 2020.

1. Engineered wood flooring.

This"engineered" composite hardwood floors material is pretty dynamic stuff. You may find it in a seemingly endless variety of"parquet" layouts, layouts, colour and quality permutations -- it's also relatively affordable to set up and maintain. Parquet can be tricky, but so you might need to hire a professional for the setup or recruit a bunch of powerful helpers.

2. Laminate flooring.

This medicated material features high density fibers along with a moisture proof base coating. Laminate is also a flexible material known for its flame resistance and endurance.

3. Solid wood flooring.

A more conventional option, solid hardwood flooring can be fitted with the"tongue and groove" method -- a great way to generate setup easy and affordable.

4. Bamboo.

Advocates say bamboo provides extra support and protection against earthquake damage and tooth decay.

Consulting Hardwood Floor Experts

Without context, it's nearly impossible to recommend one of these materials over others.

  • Your budget;
  • Whether you're likely to"DIY" the hire or hire somebody else to assist you with it
  • Your design and color aesthetics;
  • The floor's environmental vulnerability;
  • Personal concerns you might have concerning price, setup time, maintenance, and environmental friendliness.

Let the team here at Floor Sanding Hertfordshire Help acquire some much needed clarity about your wood floor choices. Call us now, at 01442 620 197, or find out more about our services and our staff here on our website.

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Why is it Important to Oil Your Wood Floor?

Over time, your wood floor might start to lose the sheen and color that it had. This is very likely down to the fact your floor needs refreshing and reviving with oil. Oiling wood flooring helps to enhance the general appearance of its surface, in addition to adding nourishment and protection.

If you would like to oil wooden flooring, it is important to consider its own benefits, the proper actions to take, and how often you should replenish its coat.

Why is it Important to Oil Your Own Wood Floor?

Primarily, Engineered hardwood floors helps with its longevity. The petroleum revives the appearance of the floor. It also protects the ground's surface, to keep it looking new for more.

Your floor is thirsty
Wood floors is thirsty. It might sound strange, but it's true.

Without oil protecting the surface, your wood will drink any water up and moisture. Whether this water gets to the wood, the floor will proceed and can cause long-term damage.

On the flip side, with a protective oil coating, your floor is not able to soak up this moisture, thereby protecting your floors.

Are you a pet owner?

The durability and durability factors of oiling wood floors makes it ideal for pet owners. For instance, any scratches brought on by claws or teeth can simply be sanded down and oiled over.

A lacquered flooring, as compared, is not as of a quick fix in regards to scrape marks.

Bringing out information in layout

Oiled hardwood floors brings out the amazingly fine details and grains of every plank. This, as a result, supplies a broad range of tones and colors based on the oil you use.

Our choice of Osmo Oils does a great job of making your flooring truly unique, offering warm, rustic tones, to lighter and more subtle finishes. Similarly, even clear oils can help show a floor's natural beauty.

Flooring protection

Engineered wood floors leaves vulnerability for liquid stains like wine, cola, or sauce. An easy oiled finish prevents undesirable stains.

The petroleum itself functions as a protective coating, so that liquids can't be absorbed into the wood's fibres.

Avoid your flooring from drying out and cracking

In extreme situations, your flooring can crack as a result of dearth of oil it receives on a regular basis. Although this is only in extreme circumstances, it's important to be mindful about the necessity of regularly oiling your wood floor.

Preventative Care

Any sort of hardwood floors requires upkeep.

But, taking appropriate care of your Engineered hardwood flooring usually means you won't have to re-sand and complete your floor too frequently.

Oiling your timber flooring ought to be a part of your hardwood floor upkeep regimen. We'll go into this in an instant.

Quick re-cap:

Helps with longevity.
Shield against pet scratches.
Quick and effortless fix if any marks seem.
Brings out tone, detail, and color.
Helps preserve the look of your flooring
More security against liquid stains.
Prevents your floor from drying out and cracking.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Is It Possible To Stain A Solid Wood Worktop?

Staining worktops is not generally suggested for a number of factors. First, worktops change colour naturally with time and use and therefore are generally best left in their normal condition colour-wise, with just a fantastic quality oil finish. Secondly, because your worktop is likely to come in contact with food, you need to be really careful in regards to employing a stain. Even though there are toxicity standards which must be respected when it comes to ascertaining the security of wood stains and varnishes in food-related environments, this whole area is a bit"hit and miss". If you do choose to squander your worktops, with a little bit of research, you should be able to track down official recommendations about the suitability of any product that you intend on using.

It is absolutely crucial to carry out appropriate toxicity research before employing any stain to your worktop. Even when you've carried out this study, if you are still in any doubt at all about the suitability of any item, you should consult your worktop supplier who will have the ability to steer you.

Despite these dangers, if you are determined that you want to modify the color of your solid wood worktop or to breathe new life into a timber worktop, an appropriate, secure blot can be a good way to accomplish a result. Wood stains come in a whole slew of colour choices, so irrespective of whether you're searching for a natural wood tone or a funkier colour option, with a bit of research you should be able to track down a wood stain to suit your needs.

It is vital to be certain that you do a color test before you set out on a general covering of your worktop. Testing stain colour results is vital because different woods will take on different tones when stains are applied.

The perfect place to test out your stain is on the bottom of your worktop at a location where the colour will not be seen if you do not like it. If you find that the colour you have chosen is too dim, you can dilute your stain to make it lighter. A fantastic idea would be to work with a gentle dilution to begin with and dilute the blot and more until you achieve the result you're searching for. Each time you perform a test, it's worth noting (lightly, in pencil) next to the evaluation place the dilution proportions of that patch. This will allow you to be certain you're ready to reproduce the result of the colour sample you like best.